NFL Headsets

The NFL should take a lesson from NASCAR and put headsets in every player’s helmet. Then each player/position should have a spotter up on the roof telling them what’s going on during the game. “Watch out, you’re about to get blindsided on your left…” or “It’s a fake, it’s a fake…” or “You’re over-pursuing, get back to cover the reverse…” I think it could make the game much more interesting. They could even bill it as a “green” initiative – think how much paper they’d save by not printing out thousands of those rooftop Polaroids they print every game.

And speaking of helmets and green… Get rid of the stupid lime green dots on the helmets. It make sense on the Seahawks helmets because they have lime green piping on their uniforms anyway. But, for everyone else, have it match their uniform. For a league that is so uniform conscious, lime green stickers for everyone are stupid.

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