When it is that I come back from ere and whence I strayed.
I must stop to think about the place and consider what it made.

The place though strange may not occur in what is thought as physical… it could, in fact, be time I spent… or thoughts that ruled my day. Did I change with this new locale? Did it twist and spin my world? Or did new thoughts encourage forth. lifted from this entertaining spot? Did new worlds escape my mind to think of limits lost… of succulent but brutish ways that garner forth happiness at the expense of societal acquiescence.

It sounds as though it might be a heavy sacrifice to give up one’s momentary joy in deference to some societal expectation but is that truly true? We are social creatures and we work best when we fit into a structure in which we understand our place. That is not to say that our “place” should be a limitation or a method for holding one back. It only means that, at this point in time, this is where I am.

It bears no connotation of self-worth or future capabilities. It is simply that this is where I am right now, based on the circumstances I have experienced.

Our circumstances are certainly not who we are, but they do define where we reside at the moment. It is informational and logistical but not a grasping psychic pre-determination of who we will become or where we might wind up.

Remember, for every excuse one gives for where they are, there is another person using that excuse as a reason for improving their lot.

And, make no mistake, your lot is yours to accept as dictated by lesser souls… or to run with and with which to sculpt bold, bright statements against the dark of the night. Who you become has more to do with you than anyone else. And if it is decided by someone else, well, that was likely you choice as well.

To quote one of the great American movies, Alaska: “Son, you’re in Alaska now. If it happens to you, it’s your fault.” Is that a harsh and negative outlook? No. What good does it do to try to blame someone else. A blame is just an excuse. It takes your power and makes you a victim in a world where victims don’t survive… and they certainly don’t thrive. You can have your success or you can have your excuses… but you can’t have both. Which do you choose?

So how will you step forward today? My wife sometimes gets frustrated with me (perhaps more often than that) when she relays some issue to me and my response to her is, “What are you going to do about it?” She says that it is cold and rude. But sometimes that’s where the truth falls. Ultimately, what are you going to do about it?

That’s the question each of us must face… every damn day.

Photo Credit: Pins in a bar… Jeff Carroll, 2013