The days roll on and over still,
the nights slip up and sap the will,
and will-less minds that seek a thrill
in facebook posts and twitters.

Awake and void of mindful thought,
pains press in, amazons bought,
but nothing new to clean the spot
that numbs… but leaves a jitter.

Our rut digs in through daily drudge,
we mope “at work” and there we trudge,
stuck at home, afraid to budge,
shoved into gilded cages.

The weight of self pounds down on us,
locked at home, no view, no plus,
unseen, nowhere, no muss, no fuss…
The captive pays the wages.

The sludge of life that seeps in starts,
with echos heavy on my heart,
grow louder spirals pull apart
relations that once were glue.

For long-term answers – there are few,
caught in lost, contained in blue…
left to thoughts alone to stew,
“just follow the rules that we’ve given to you.”

Another sheltered stuck-in day
blocked and captured, placed to stay,
circled, caught in, find a way,
the darkness of the plight.

The nightmare dream it wants to end,
no place to rest, no thoughts to mend,
and artful anguish aches to spend,
can I survive this… one more night?

Photo Credit: Rainy Night, 2020, Jeff Carroll